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In A+C GROUP CONFERENCES & CONGRESS we develop an integrated concept from the very start, planning all services absolutely necessary for success.

We have the human resources, technology and logistics required to organize a stepper Congress, whether national or international, our passion, planning and attention to detail, combined with our expertise and the large number of Congress ​​make A+C GROUP is the Company chosen for organizing a Congress.

Our service includes:

  1. Qualitative and quantitative comparative analysis of the various venues
  2. Analysis Income and Expense
  3. Administrative – financial organization
  4. Performing the Congress logo
  5. Action marketing and press Congress for broadcasting
  6. Commercialization of booths and sponsorships
  7. Making arrangements for congressional declaration of National Interest
  8. Performing the Congress website
  9. Presentation in multiple formats of the proposal developed
  10. Hiring approved the final venue
  11. Secretariat and Registration System online through the website
  12. System credit card acceptance on line, through the website
  13. System Abstracts on line through the website
  14. E-Poster system on line through the website
  15. Accommodation Booking System on line through the website
  16. Negotiating with airlines and hotels for special rates
  17. Reserve transfers
  18. Design and production of posters and signage
  19. Catering Selection and hiring
  20. Selection and hiring Shows
  21. Total Logistics Congress
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